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Called Out!

There is no greater joy than to be called out for Christ. Remember those occasions when someone asked you to pray for them. You thought to yourself, “I didn’t tell them I was a Christian.” Or the time when you found yourself in a strange place,  a place you knew you shouldn’t be, like the nightclub or jail. Then again, maybe it was on the job, or talking to a stranger on the street.  There was something about your presence that made them feel uncomfortable or different about your presence. They saw something in you, and it touched their heart. It dawned on you. It wasn’t you. It was your witness for Christ.

Those are the times that made you feel good about your witness. You hadn’t uttered a word but you were preaching Christ.  Scripture reminds us when Peter was called out, as he lagged behind the captive Jesus. Jesus was being taken to trial, and many in that crowd knew that Peter was also a believer in Christ. Peter failed that test, he didn’t want to be associated with Christ.  His fears caused him to deny Christ. John 18:25

This week’s message was about being a witness for Christ: being aware of our witness and living our lives outside of the church walls. On the one hand, it’s rather easy to go around the church building showing the love of Christ. We smile, we say the right things, we are tolerable of our brother’s and sister’s faults and problems. We speak to each other with respect. We are kind and giving to one another. On the other hand, the real proof comes outside the comfort and protection of the sanctuary. We are tested the minute we leave the church building. Who are we? Do we represent Christ?

I’m reminded of the story about a young minister traveling with an older minister. They had travelled throughout the community, helping people with various and sundry things. The young minister asked the older minister when were they going to begin witnessing and preaching. The older minister told the young lad that they had been preaching all day. He explained to the youngster they were helping people with everyday things, which in fact was preaching and being a witness. James 1:27

What we do for others is witnessing. For example, you hear about a single woman needing help with fix-it stuff around her home, and you help. A family needs to borrow your truck to move, and you loan them your truck. Your profession allows you to freely help someone who can’t afford it. Because you understand their problem and you know how to fix it you do it for free. A young man needs someone to speak a word of wisdom into his life when seemingly all hell is breaking loose. You take time out and share life’s choices to him. This quality time keeps him from being another juvenile delinquent. Those are all opportunities for us as Christians to be a witness.

Instead of asking “What’s in it for me?” let’s give of ourselves and be that witness we are called to be.

The Samaritan saw a man on the side of the road who needed help. He took him to town, paid someone to house and patch him up, and left money for the ongoing expenses. That’s called being our brother’s keeper. It’s also called being a witness. Luke 10:33

If we want to touch people in our world today, we have to learn how to be an effective witness for Christ. Once we search our hearts and let the Spirit guide us, we will know whether we are or have been a witness for Christ.

We continue to go through the same motions and emotions each week, thinking “I’ve done my weekly duty. I give in the offering. I pay my tithes. I volunteer at church, I sing in the choir. I’m done!”  2 Timothy 3:5

I pray that the Holy Spirit touches your heart and mind right now. I pray that you open yourself up for change, change that will make you a witness for Christ.

In Jesus name.

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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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