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How’d I get Here?

Honestly, I’m not sure how I came to be a part of City Church of Sacramento.

It was a regular Sunday morning that I rolled over and sent a good morning text to my besti Diane, who’s a member there. She texted me back with “Get up! Come go to church!” And of course my response was “No, it’s too early and church is too long LOL.” With her usual quick response she just told me “Shut up, get dressed and I’ll see you at 10:30.”Now trust and believe our text conversation went on from there but I was up and moving because there’s no getting out of her web of getting it going.

Now, to be totally honest, I was completely skeptical. Why? It was church at a high school and this instantly told me they were unorganized and not really up and running. But to my surprise this church had its house in order and I felt totally at ease! I’m not saying that I’m not one for feeling like I fit in because that’s not the case but…

There are times you visit a well established church and not feel comfortable or wanted. All I can say on that is “Been there. Done that.” I’m not one to repeat unease. I’m the type of person that doesn’t leave enough dirt for a footprint most times, which goes to show that I’m not really clear on what it means to have a church home either. I’ve had Church homes that weren’t of my choosing: wherever mom went, her kids went. They’ve been interesting churches in a good way but very traditional, too.

If you’re from the east coast or deep south, the word traditional speaks volumes. There are days that my closet and the church don’t agree. That’s why I like the look and feel of the people at City Church. There’s no upper dress code, just comfort in what you’re in. That’s me in just those few words. The morning message had me thinking all week. Actually, I’m still thinking. I like that. Did I feel enough to return? Yes I did, and I’m compelled now more than in the beginning to continue to return Sunday after Sunday. Learning about Jonah that first Sunday caught my attention and when I missed just a Sunday in between I didn’t like that feeling. I missed something. My friend filled me in but it wasn’t the same. I needed to hear the spoken word from Pastor Meeks. That said a lot to me because most of my adult life I just drifted in my faith but there’s a pull here that I’m trying to understand and I know has a place in my life.

I can’t put a finger on it or point it out to anyone because my mind doesn’t quite know what or where it’s actually holed-up in my spiritual being. I just know I’m going to church and trust and believe my mom is proud. She tells me every time I tell her “Hey mom, I went to church!”

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  1. This was awesome to read… It is crazy how God works. I started attending City Church Sacramento right after they moved out of Pastor Meeks garage and I see how God’s plans have started to unfold in my life. I’m not trying to brag (well maybe a small bit lol) but you can just tell that people love to be in each other’s presence… The ministries are passionate about accomplishing the goals God has set before them (whatever those goals may be.) I’m asking God to continue to draw you near, that He reveals to you His clear purpose for your life, and that you bear much fruit as you draw near Him. In the name of the Christ Jesus! Amen! Continue to be encouraged and motivated to get to church! God Bless!


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