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I sat down and asked my wife how Sunday’s message from the book of Philemon resonated with her. Sunday was the last message from this short little book. It’s stuffed very tightly between the books of Titus and Hebrews. I know, you missed it too? After years of being a Christian, it’s amazing that we hadn’t read this book.

Well, we’ve come to the end of this awesome journey. It’s been about 4 weeks. This book is about relationships, forgiveness and trust. This little book is relevant today, just like it was when Paul wrote it to Philemon centuries ago.

Back to my wife. Well, she said this book has made a very powerful and lasting impact on her. My wife gets emotionally involved with most people, whether it’s family, friends, or strangers. Their problems become her problem, their worries become her worries. So how will she deal with the trials of life that always seem to be on the horizon? I know that eventually her body will shut-down, because I have seen her lose sleep and weight, because of her taking on other’s problems and concerns.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Not this time!

God has been preparing her for such a time as this. A time when all hell seems to be breaking loose around her. Not to mention a root canal and tooth infection.

Ugh! Here’s a woman who shares so much in the pain of others, now she’s hurting!

One might be tempted to ask, where is this God your wife serves when she needs help? Well, He is a God who never leaves or forsakes those who are His. Instead, He equips us to go through whatever we are facing. When we spend time with Him before the battles come, we see this very clearly. Remember David? He didn’t go straight to killing Goliath, without being tested, he fought smaller battles first.

This morning for the first time in her 66 years, according to her, she got up early. She isn’t a morning person, but after Sunday’s message she knew there would be changes made in her life. No more doing it her way, she wanted to sacrifice her comfort, and sleep-in time, and spend it alone, in prayer, with the Lord. Her regular prayer time was at night. She told me she thought about Paul and what he went through and how he was so dedicated, but still asking God to remove something that was a thorn in his flesh. God told him that His grace was sufficient. That’s when Paul realized that the Lord’s strength came out of his weakness and so he accepted the thorn and went on with his life.

My wife’s question was, what is God trying to teach me? She said He was preparing her for whatever comes her way. He told her that because she likes taking control it would not be easy, but she had to start trusting Him. He told her that His way has always been the best way and He showed her all those times where He delivered her, provided for her, and made things happen for her benefit.

What are the things coming your way, I asked?

She reminded me that she has a 94 year old mother, getting weaker each day. A husband, me, scheduled for a MRI, a friend given 5 days to live and then the call comes that the friend has died after one day. Unexpected events!

So honey, what is the Lord trying to teach you, I asked again?

She said, He’s not concerned about me being happy or content, or just thinking about myself. He wants me to preach His word. His grace is sufficient and He will not allow life’s circumstances to devastate me. I’m not walking alone. I not only should know that, but believe and act on that fact.

The phone call she got that morning was a sad report, any other time it would have wrecked her entire day.

Not that day!

She had had a conversation with the Lord and He chastised her about trying to do it without Him. My wife stated that God gave her a good spanking that morning. He told her, “Who do you think you are? You’re trying to be God? You want to control it? Doesn’t look like you’re trusting Me. You have a form of godliness my child, but you have no power without Me!”

WOW! She sure did preach a good sermon to me that day.

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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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