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Not a Fan

Listening to Pastor Fred Campbell at Sunday service struck a serious chord within me. He spoke so eloquently and passionately about so much in such a brief period of time that I could almost guarantee that everyone blessed enough to be in attendance got something different from the message!

A slow and steady conviction came over me as I sat there in my usual row.

“Surely he couldn’t be talking about me,” I said to myself a few times.

Pastor Campbell pointed out that true Christ followers DO what they have been taught to do. There are many among us who like the idea of Christ. Many of us like his teachings. And church? It is a source of entertainment rather than a place of worship and learning. Dr. Campbell pointed out that Judas fell into that “fan” category. We all know how his story ended. From the outside looking in, Judas looked as though he was a legitimate follower of Jesus. In the end, there where truly only 11 disciples.

In America we are fans. We love our sports teams, celebrities and tv shows. Think about fandom for a moment. When a team underperform or doesn’t live up to a persons standards, a lot of people jump off of the bandwagon. When a celebrity makes a mistake in life, people can’t wait to bad mouth them. And eventually when a television show has become boring after a couple of seasons, people find something else to take its place.

So what is it that makes us followers and not fans?

Commitment. Practice. Action. Consistency. Perseverance. These are the qualities of a follower of Christ.

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