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Forgotten Mission?

I get it! Life all around us is busy – 24/7/365! We go through our days accomplishing the things we need to do to be able to live and support our families. Somewhere in the midst of all this is God.

Yes, I just said somewhere.

We take him for granted, giving a little time here and there for devotion and worship. We toss a few bucks in the collection plate, hoping that by doing so God will see that we care, but on the inside hoping that others will do the work. I get it. We barely have time for our own lives, so how are we supposed to give God a chunk of time. Again, I get it! We fail to remember that the bigger mission, the most important mission is the mission that God has placed us here for.

God shouldn’t have to jump up and down in the crowd trying to get our attention. Picture that for a second! God screaming out, “Hey over here! Over here!.” Unfortunately we settle into our own routines and get comfortable enough to forget the mission. Pastor ended Sunday’s service with the question from God, “Do you love me?”

Four words! Huge question! So, what does loving God look like? What is it that we as the Body of Christ has forgotten about our mission? Why are we so comfortable with the church in the condition that it is in?

 Let’s take a look at Haggai 1:3-4: Then the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai: “Is it a time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses, while this house remains a ruin?”

The temple of God was deteriorating; in ruins. But the Israelites no longer took pride in the temple. They let it crumble while they built their lives and wealth. The temple, a place for the Lord, is basically jacked up. This was a true story about a real temple (the second temple) thousands of years ago, but it speaks volumes today for believers! Look at what we take our time to invest in; we invest our money in dying things.

We’ve lost sight of the mission and a lot of the times we are not motivated enough to get back on track. But God continues to scream, “Hey! Over here!”

We love God not only with our words but with our actions! I implore the Body to remember the mission we have at hand: building the Kingdom of God!

What’s our motivation? Christ and what he did for us 2000 years ago. That should be all the motivation in the world to get us moving and to stay on track!

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