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Think Before We Act

We don’t know ourselves like we think we do.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of our selfish behavior and what we may say or do that is out of our character. We can be some of the most disconnected people in search of a false identity pleasing no one other than ourselves. When we have this kind of attitude, it can unknowingly make our lives miserable, living for something that doesn’t exist. Doing things that we never thought we were capable of doing. Trying to fill an empty spot in our lives that only God has the power to fill.

Jesus told the Samaritan women at the well to drink of His water and she would never thirst again. Jesus has the power to sustain us and give us what we need, when we need it. Since our relationship is suspect at times with Christ, we work within our own power which is very minimal.

I can relate to the people in Haggai.

There have been times that I have operated my life more in the comfort zone. Staying within the safe parameters of not going out of the box because of my faith in God was light. Even today after knowing that God is fully capable of taking care of me, there are times when I make decisions based on my own feelings and desires which leaves God out of the entire process. Unfortunately I have to deal with the spiritual connection that I broke between God and myself. No matter how I try to justify my actions, my relationship was broken with God because I betrayed Him. In order for you and me to function properly with Christ, we have to have proper worship that solidifies our union with Him.

Haggai 1:7 says, The Lord of Host says: “Think carefully about your ways.”

My interpretation of that means to do and say things that will bring Glory to God. Do not rely on my feelings and emotions to make to decisions, but pray and make wise decisions.

I need to STOP investing my time into things that are superficial which causes me to have a broken spirit – knowing that I didn’t honor God.

God didn’t have to pick you or me to be one of His chosen, but He saw something in us that we probably haven’t seen in ourselves. If your life isn’t where it should be with God and you are having a difficult time breaking habits that are causing separation from God… remember Jesus, our Lord and savior is praying for us. But we also need to ask ourselves, why do we want fellowship with Christ? Christ wants it with us and wants the best for us.

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