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Good Deeds!

We play the game of catching up
Only to be caught up in what is
“Right” up our alley – RELIGION!
When we enter the doors of religion we’re given
Lists, measurements, and expectations to meet
We think sweet! All I have to do check off the items on this list; I get the gist

So we enlist; sign up for this legit fit
Our souls are saved and hope is gained
“I’m in to win it! Hallelujah!”
Win what? Sorry my friend, you’re in it to quit it
Because you can’t see through “IT” – RELIGION!
Your future

You’re caught up in Religion; may as well be prision
Because you’re caught; stuck in this cell, and stuck on… yourself
The house, the job, the dream car – List CHECK ONE, List CHECK TWO, List CHECK THREE!!!
I’m saved; because today I prayed and yesterday
I helped the old lady cross the street; carried her groceries, that’s right.

One, two, three, tallies for me please
Because as people can see
My RELIGION is working
I am one with the king because, well COUNT’EM
I got three tallies on my list
This RELIGION must be legit

Fast forward to the future; The car crash, the house fire, and…you’re fired.
“Not my car! Not my house! How will I feed my family!?”
“Check my list religion; I fed the hungry, remember that old lady?”
You can’t do this to me!”
“I checked my list! I checked my list!! Check it!”

My friend what did your list build? You knock, but I don’t know you.

Pastor Mark Meeks expressed that being “on point,” or having “the right religion” is nothing compared to having a “right relationship”. We try so many things and use the word “Religion” as a blanket statement for doing good; another notch in the leger of goodness to win a seat next to the Lord. But as you can see from my poem, a notch means nothing because HE does not know you. Rather than build and develop this relationship with God, we think we can do anything without him. We rack up good deeds thinking we’ll be saved, but we all know God called Disciples, not do-gooders.

And relationships are hard; that’s true. No one has the perfect marriage, the perfect friendship, the perfect anything. We have to maintain (care about) our relationship with God. Praying, fasting, and understanding. Without these, what are we doing except adding check marks to our leger?

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I enjoy learning new things, and in my spare time I like to read, dance, hang out with friends, and eat at new restaurants.

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