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God’s Doing Something New!

As Christians we are called to be followers of Christ.

Are we followers of Christ or do we just do what’s convenient for us?  We must ask ourselves this question. I am a person that makes plans but even the best laid plans can change. The sermon on Christ-centered Joy made me think of when I came from Southern California, a place known for glitz, glamour and wealth. I believed this was important stuff. You could get connections and opportunities and events were bountiful.

Most people didn’t care when I decided to leave and family members were not in favor of that decision, but for some reason I knew I had to go.

Was the Holy Spirit talking to me?

When I first came to Northern California you saw cows grazing and eating grass every where.  Oh my goodness I thought  What have I got myself in to?

I had doubts, fears and adversities.  My new co-workers didn’t like me, they didn’t know where I came from and they  had pre-conceived notions about me, before they even saw me.

Through those times it must have been my faith and belief that things would turn out fine one day.

I wasn’t raised in the church and God was not part of my life.  Or, at least, Him not being a part of my life is what I thought. Boy, was I wrong.

Do you want to grow? Even the worse skeptic can have a change of heart. Listen to your heart, soul, mind and body.

As Pastor Meeks pointed out, God’s direction is right, and it goes from “Good to Best”. Do you want Christ-centered Joy, Love and Peace in your life?

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