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What’s Your Boast?

What’s your boast in Christ? What has He done for you, that you’d like to share?


I accepted the Lord October 25, 1976 and immediately joined a little church of about 35 members, including kids.

The church was in the middle of a long building program. I didn’t find out until latter that they had stopped for a while and had just begun to work again, I believe this was the exact time for me to join, because it kept me busy from all the distractions of the world. The men would come together each Saturday and work from morning until early evening.

I learned how to hang sheetrock, string electrical wiring and basically how to do many things involving constructing a building. The only thing I didn’t learn was plumbing. To this day, I wish I had watched one of the brother’s, who was a plumber, while he was installing pipe.

Those were fun days and as I look back, I know spending time…

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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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