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God’s Love for Us

God’s love for us far supersedes anything that we can possibly imagine.

He is in love with His children and wants the best for them, even those who do not know Him yet. That same love that He has for His children, His children are supposed to have for Him. To be so much in Love with Him, that you truly understand that your life cannot go on without Him.

The same way God has established a covenant with Abraham, and provided a shield for him (Genesis 15:1), God has done the same for all Christians. Good news for the believers of God – during your wayward moments when you fall short of the expectation of godly living, and you have done your worse like Israel in their disobedience, lack of faith, blasphemy and showing a disgruntle type of demeanor like God does not exist (Jeremiah 18:15), God remains faithful. Giving His children chance after chance to completely submit, and fall in love with Him, the way He has fallen for you.

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