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It cost to follow God!

Sometimes it costs more than what you are willing to give, but when God makes it clear that you have to lose your life to gain it, that makes it hard to dispute.

You cannot put your needs before Gods, and expect Him to elevate your personal ministry. You wouldn’t be equipped mentally to fight the spiritual battles nor deal with opposition.

It takes time to acquire faith to completely depend upon God. At the same time, it can be hard because of rejection and being an outcast because of your faith.

Many would rather choose the easy way, rather than to depending upon God for your source of strength, faith and protection.

In the book of Philippians, the Apostle Paul makes reference to Epaphroditus whom he considers a brother, and that he would be sending him to assist with their ministry. Paul makes it known that Epaphroditus came close to death for the work of Christ to make up what was lacking in their ministry.

It is easy to say what you will do for Christ while you are around other believers, but what kind of sacrifice are you willing to make for Christ in the world? It is not easy. Reassurance is always needed. The courage that Paul and Epaphroditus had by way of the Holy Spirit is in all believers. It just has to be extracted by feeding the spirit.

It costs to follow God!

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