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Having Contentment While Suffering

How many times as a follower of Christ have we thrown in the towel because life got too hard, and we wanted to do it our way?

One of the things that made the Apostle Paul so great was his ability to communicate, and his faith that illuminates from his actions.

It is one thing to talk mightily about doing something, but Paul experienced hardship living for Christ, without complaining, and he wrote encouraging letters, while suffering for Christ.

He considered it joy when he was persecuted. He found contentment while in prison. By no means was Paul about to renounce his faith to get out of suffering for Christ.

Finding contentment in the worse situations can be difficult.

It can become more devastating when we try to resolve matters with our own strength, but when we rely on Jesus, there’s a calmness that The Holy Spirit gives us.

We may still feel the pain, or be bothered by the circumstance, but our troubles seem less, knowing that Jesus is taking care of them.

The joy that we have in Jesus, should bring us contentment.

So when trials come our way, that has been orchestrated by Jesus, it is not the time to fall over, as though Jesus doesn’t care, it should be a time we call on Him with urgency, instead of backpedaling.

Jesus never said that it would be easy, but he promised that he would not give us more than we could handle.

As we make decisions daily, let us remember who we live for… Christ!


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