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God Already Knows!

When you are confronted with the truth… the truth that you do not want to face, what is your response?

Do you make the attempt to hide from reality, or do you acknowledge it and deal with the consequences?

In Genesis 3:10-13 God confronts Adam when he eats from the tree, and in verse 9, God asks Adam, “Where are you?”

It is a rhetorical question… God already knew where Adam was. It was a question that prompted Adam to think about what he had done.  Adam was afraid, he was having feelings of anxiety and shame – feelings that weren’t there before he ate from the tree, now his eyes are open.

The pressure of having to confront our sins are hard. This is when we see how carnal we really are and often times it makes us feel unworthy of being a child of God. That guilt we feel is a sign that we belong to Christ, whether we understand it or not.

Adam blamed Eve for his sin rather than confessing what he did. God spoke to Adam first about the tree of knowledge. The scripture tell us that God had communication with Adam, whether or He had direct communication with Eve, before she was deceived by the serpent and gave the fruit to Adam, scripture does not say.

Regardless to what Adam felt, God instituted His command to Adam, which made him accountable for what happened.

You cannot blame God or anyone else for your actions. It clearly states in James 1:16When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone.”

The bible says that we are enticed by our own evil desires.

It comes down to free will.

God allows us to make choices that either produce good fruit or bad fruit, and the choices have consequences that can diminish our spirit. There will be no possibility for reconciliation if we are unwilling to confess our sins. God does not want us to live in bondage.

Be true to God, He already knows!

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