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The Greatest Gift

It’s Christmas time and we’re all looking for that special gift. We want to make a good impression, or we want that child to really be happy, when they open that gift and see what’s inside. There’s always a sense of magic and excitement during this time of year.  It never gets old.

But let’s face it, after a few weeks, more like days, no one really remembers how they felt. Truth be told many of the gifts are all over the place, stored away, broken,or returned to the store for credit.

So, we go into debt, run up our credit cards, just to make the season “right” in our eyes and mind.

What really is the real reason for the season? As Christians we know the answer to that question,  but all too often we buy into the hip that the bigger and more costly the present, the better.

When I read my bible, I see so clearly that God wanted a relationship with us so He gave the best gift to us, His Son.

Now, do we recognize that He is the best gift we can share with the world, with our neighbors, our fellow workers, our family and children?

More than ever before this world need the Lord. There are wars and rumors of wars. Men and women’s heart’s are failing them. Our ways are  so perverted. Men and women’s ways have gone the way of Sodom and Gomorra. How and why would we escape the same fate?

But, on the other hand, what if we started sharing that gift?  The question is, why would we hold back and keep the gift for ourselves?

Further more, why are we being muted and forced into saying “happy holidays” instead of Merry Christmas?

Taking Jesus out of the season will assure that many will never know Him. We kept the the greatest gift for ourselves.

This year, let’s unwrap that gift and share it with everyone.

Merry Christmas Everyone.



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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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  1. The gift of Jesus Christ is free and it’s the gift that keeps on giving! You can’t buy it or charge it or return it, now that’s a gift worth giving…..freely!


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