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Jesus Is Satan!…that’s what she said

God certainly has a sense of humor. He knows everything and that’s good.

Our problem, as believers, we think He’s caught off guard sometimes. I’ll insert a laughing out loud symbol here, LOL.  Seriously though, we started studying the book of 2nd Timothy at church and in our weekly bible studies groups.

At our church, we systematically go through a book of the bible verse by verse. The ministers teach particular scripture and we study those same verses in our small community groups. I really like this method of bible study. It really allows for you to dig deep into God’s word and understand the context of any given book of the bible.

In this little book, 2nd Timothy, we are learning important things Paul was sharing with Timothy, when Paul was imprisoned and awaiting his death. He was reminding Timothy to be instant in season and out of season. Simply put, he was telling Timothy to always be ready to preach the gospel, 2nd Timothy 4:2. We are never to become complacent and lukewarm, but instead stay active for the Lord. He knows there are so many distractions that’s why He gives us other Christians to keep us on track and for encouragement sake.

We are to keep that gift Christ placed in us stirred up, 2nd Timothy 1:6. We should always be ready to give anyone the reason for the faith that was placed within us.

False teachers was one of the things Paul wanted Timothy to beware of. He reminded Timothy of those who had been along side him and now had turned away was going to be normal.

Paul said some even did him harm. He didn’t mention what the harm was, but he said that the Lord would repay them. Whoa! Whatever it was, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

Terms like the last days was mentioned several times in this letter to Timothy.  Paul said that folk would choose teachers and preacher that fit their likings.

Isn’t that how we are today? We want it our way, nice and easy. Don’t bother me with restrictions and guidelines, tell me how I can make, how I can become rich and live a pain free life. Anything goes. Let me try something new.

We use words like Karma to express things that will happen to you if you do something and as a result something comes back to you, good or bad.

We all know someone who has turned away from the Lord, if we have been saved for any length of time. We ask ourselves, were they really saved? Did they really have Christ in their heart? How could they walk away from the faith?

I know two people like that and it keeps me on my knees praying for them and myself. If we search the scriptures we will find Christ.

Like I said, we having really been digging deep and studying this letter of warning to Timothy. So, at our weekly bible study, a strange thing happened a few weeks ago. One gentleman came in and wanted to start teaching and sharing some very strange and false doctrine. I politely, but firmly, kept him on track and we made it through that study time.

Well, lets fast forward it one week later. The same guy walks into our study, fifty minutes late with another person. She was carrying a book about occults, a small bible, that looked like one of those hotel type bibles, barely used, and another small book. She had them tucked under her arms and was seemingly ready to jump right into their agenda.

The Holy Spirit alerted me immediately they were there to disrupt our bible study. You should have seen the look on their faces when I let them know we would be sticking to our assigned verses.

She wasn’t going to get an opportunity to fire off her ammo. I firmly and gently went over the verses we had been discussing and reminded them we would not deviate from our lesson plan.  I noticed her body jerk uncontrollably, as she was not expecting that.

They decided they would leave before we prayed and I asked her to wait around, because I wanted to speak with her. She insisted that I speak with her in the presence of the class, as to why I wanted to speak with her. I reminded her that I was being led not to discuss it then and I would speak with her privately after we prayed.

They didn’t want to pray with us.

We met in the foyer and I let her know our bible study wasn’t for her. What came out of her mouth, I must say, didn’t surprise me. She said I was teaching lies to god’s people. She wouldn’t even say the name Jesus.

She instead spelled it out…J.E.S.U.S.

That’s when she said, Jesus is Satan!

She said she worshipped somebody else. It sounded like some Hebrew old testament type name. I don’t remember who it was. I told her I’d pray for her and she quickly walked away waving her arms up and down nervously.

Why am I sharing this blog with you all?  Glad you asked.

The bible came alive in our bible study.

The things Paul warned Timothy centuries ago came to us.

What if we weren’t prepared?

There were baby Christians in our bible study that night, who might have been influenced had the Holy Spirit not prepared me, through studying His word years ago in Sunday School. We study to show ourselves approves, so that we can correct, rebuke, reprove and yes, instruct. We must have the right answers and they are found in His word.

There will always be those tinkling sounds and brass symbols that are of a different sound, a different gospel indeed.

So what’s the take away?

The requirement for us is clear, we need to always find ourselves ready to defend the faith and give everyone a reason for the faith that lies within us, be instant, in season and out of season, 2nd Timothy 4:2.

Lastly, we are to be careful how we correct, rebuke, reprove and instruct, because everyone belong to the Lord, they are His, whether they are right or wrong in their belief as to who He is.






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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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