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Summer Break, Not Really!

Our weekly Tuesday bible study took the annual summer break last week. We have been systematically studying the 2nd Letter to Timothy written by Apostle Paul. It has been an interesting and most enjoyable lesson in life. So many times we think the bible was written for “those people” back in biblical times. We couldn’t be further from the truth.


A few special occasions stand out for me. Scripture is timeliness, it helps us with our daily walk.

In my last post, I mentioned the lady who came into our study and said that Jesus was satan. Then, there was the moment when one of our study members said that she hadn’t seen, nor heard, a part of scripture we where studying, or those precious moments spent with a woman at the airport as we traveled together after a conference.

Each encounter was marked with such a powerful display of how the scripture comes alive in our lives. We are reminded to study and prepare ourselves for those inevitable opportunities we get to share God’s word. We experience the purpose of our existence.

Paul talked about being prepared to share, to encourage, to rebuke and to encourage. The woman in our bible study had been associated with a denomination of believers that are very hard-core when it comes to worshipping on the Sabbath, Saturday, and the lady at the airport knew very little about scripture. The woman at the airport was captivated by the word and she was hanging on every word, like a kid watching a Saturday morning cartoon program. It was as though she was hearing the gospel for the first time. She gave herself totally to what was being shared. It was in a conversational way. A systematical way. A way that was not confrontational, but firm and loving. We made a connection and Jesus was drawing her. I was thinking about that letter to Timothy as she listened.

Well, we ended our weekly bible study session giving each person an opportunity to share what they had learned, asking them to sum up the book and how it affected their lives. Ronniece Garner talked about how she was praying that a bible study would come to her neighborhood, Phoenix Park, and to her surprise she got a small note on her door inviting neighbors to come out to a weekly bible study in her community.

One thing that Paul told Timothy was for him to stir up the gift that was placed in him by his mom and grandma, Eunice and Lois, 2nd Timothy 1:5,6.

Truth be told, my wife had to remind me of that very thing. I had become complacent and unaccountable with my ministry. I had stop going to the bible study and it stopped.

The Spirit kept prompting me, but I made up excuses. My wife wrote me a letter, honestly she did.

The letter reminded me of my calling. It was firm but convicting. I read the letter and it rekindled a fire within me, just like that letter that Paul wrote to Timothy.

I quietly and quickly re-established connections with the center’s leader and the bible study was off and running again.

God is so merciful and loving, He allows us mistakes, but He also wants us to be faithful. Just like Paul reminded Timothy.

Be faithful.

Be ready to preach the word.

Be a student of the word.

Be ready to give everyone a reason for the faith that lives within you.


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I'm a young senior, recently married, after raising 5 kids. I'm a christian and love to capture videos and tell stories with the camcorder. I love to skate and sing. I love to learn new things. I also love to garden and plant new kinds of veggies. I find it fascinating that people can communicate through blogging the word of God.

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