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God’s Fullness

As I go deeper into my biblical studies I begin to see more and more of God’s true character. Although heaven is our true home and where our ultimate riches lie there is plenty to enjoy while on this planet called earth. Before I became a believer my ultimate goal was simply not to go to hell. I had such a minimalist outlook on life. I write to you all today to implore you not to have this same outlook. You know that saying “D’s get degrees”? That’s how I feel we often life our life here on earth.

We simply want to do just enough to get a passing grade. Don’t live your walk simply striving for a degree. There are abundance of blessings waiting on us in the process. Don’t let your walk simply end at receiving Salvation. Truly enjoy His fullness while you have oxygen in those lungs. God does not owe us any of these freely given gifts we enjoy every day.

Next time you wake up just stop and realize how much of a gift that was. Stop and marvel at his creations all around you. We are truly blessed to enjoy His fullness in spite of our sinful natures.

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