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God’s Doing Something New!

As Christians we are called to be followers of Christ. Are we followers of Christ or do we just do what’s convenient for us?  We must ask ourselves this question. I am a person that makes plans but even the best laid plans can change. The sermon on Christ-centered Joy […]

Falling In Love With Jesus

Jesus has always been the man I call when I’m sad. When He answers I pour my heart out, tell him I’ll call him tomorrow and never do. For as long as I can remember we’ve had a weekly Sunday date and I constantly would flake. He’s never gotten mad […]

You Won’t Know Until You Try!

I think people are so afraid to try, and let Jesus into their life. Change is scary. People today are complacent with the way things are now. Yet, they complain about work, they complain about their kids, they complain about everything that isn’t right in their life, and they are […]

Not a Fan

Listening to Pastor Fred Campbell at Sunday service struck a serious chord within me. He spoke so eloquently and passionately about so much in such a brief period of time that I could almost guarantee that everyone blessed enough to be in attendance got something different from the message! A […]

Dangers of Independence

It starts when we are first brought into this world; everything about our existence is dependency based when the doctor hands us over to our parents. Survival is based on how well our guardians are going to take care of us. The only things we can do is breathe, blink, […]

A Church Without Walls

Church: a building used for religious activities, particularly worship services. Look at that building over there. It’s so beautiful in all its splendor. The stained glass windows must have cost a fortune. I have never seen a “church” so big. It must seat 10,000 people easily. Did you hear that […]

We Want Comfort

I sat down and asked my wife how Sunday’s message from the book of Philemon resonated with her. Sunday was the last message from this short little book. It’s stuffed very tightly between the books of Titus and Hebrews. I know, you missed it too? After years of being a […]

In Chains for Christ

I love Paul. I’m mean who doesn’t love The Saint Paul? I love him because of books like Romans, Ephesians, 1st.& 2nd. Corinthians and Colossians. So when pastor said, we would be systematically studying the book of Philemon, I was like, “OK,  how do you even say this dude’s name?” Boy […]

I Did It My Way

“I Did It My Way.” How many times have you heard or said that? Whether it’s at home, on the job, or among friends , I’m sure we have all uttered those familiar words.  Sometimes, we really can do it, whatever it is, our way! That’s the problem, we get use to […]