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We Want Comfort

I sat down and asked my wife how Sunday’s message from the book of Philemon resonated with her. Sunday was the last message from this short little book. It’s stuffed very tightly between the books of Titus and Hebrews. I know, you missed it too? After years of being a […]

Gotta Serve Somebody

Bob Dylan’s popular song, ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’, says it all. During a time and culture of hippies, drugs and free sex this revolutionary title and song struck a cord. What wasn’t so strange, is that it wasn’t new. The bible has told us this from the very beginning of time. Dylan just penned […]

Who Is the God I Serve?

He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. (Revelation 22:13) He is the creator of the universe. (Genesis 1) He longs to be gracious to me. (Isaiah 30:18) He numbers the hairs on my head. (Luke 12:7) This past Sunday, we began our second to last […]