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Leadership is inevitable.

My recent experience riding “Lincoln” the horse, while vacationing in Tahoe, reminded me that headship (authority) occurs and, if I didn’t lead, Lincoln would invariably take control.

Given an animal’s responsiveness to sensory stimuli, Lincoln immediately sensed my mild to moderate trepidation, which escalated to shouting-out-loud, full-blown anxiety.

After 10 minutes of allowing the horse to direct my path, I began to pray audibly and felt my spiritual courage kick-in. I realized that God created this beautiful creature and me.

God even gave me dominion over Lincoln. So, I just needed to calm down, trust God and take control of the reins. The next 50 minutes were magical! My fear subsided, Lincoln had a new attitude and I skillfully guided his direction.

Me and Lincoln

Me and Lincoln

It occurred to me that in every situation, leadership emerges—do we trust God to lead us, particularly when circumstances seem insurmountable?

Do we rise to the occasion taking control when spiritual light is desperately needed?

Who controls the reins of our life?

Beware of who directs your path. Is it God or an inner (or external) beast?

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Gail Meeks

Gail is a native of Sacramento, the youngest of three daughters born to Joseph and Ida Rogers. After graduating Kennedy High School, she went on to graduate from CSU Sacramento and St. Mary’s College, where she received her graduate degree in Leadership.

Gail enjoys teaching and public speaking, and is passionate about helping meet the needs of single mothers and their families in their community. She and her husband are the proud parents of four children and eight grandchildren.

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