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We may know the destination or outcome, but not specifically the process associated with the journey. In re-reading the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50), I was reminded of how God blessed Joseph with dreams and the ability to interpret his dreams and those of others. Joseph emphatically identified God as the one who interprets dreams; he gave God His rightful place (Genesis 41:16). Do we give God credit for our gifts…His rightful place in our lives?

In Joseph’s dreams, God revealed that his father (Jacob), Leah and brothers, would one day bow down to him (Genesis 37:6-11). But the details of how everything would unfold, the process or journey, was not disclosed to Joseph. Imagine if God let us in on the whole process. We might be callous or cautious, dangerous or delightful, haughty or humble.

If we could have interviewed Joseph, he might have shared that he benefited tremendously through his journey: hated by his brothers and sold to the Ishmaelites/Midianites for twenty shekels of silver, later sold in Egypt to Potiphar, became Potiphar’s attendant and second in charge of his household, falsely accused of attempted assault by Potiphar’s wife and banished to prison for many years.

But God was with Joseph and granted him favor in the eyes of the prison warden and put him in charge of those held in prison. He attended the chief cupbearer and chief baker while imprisoned and interpreted their dreams. Eventually, Pharaoh heard of Joseph’s gift and sent for him. Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s recurring dream and he made Joseph in charge of his palace…in charge of Egypt. Finally, after 13 years, Joseph was about to fulfill the dreams of his youth (Genesis 37:6-11). What a circuitous and painful journey! Through it all, Joseph remained faithful as a seeker and lover of God.

We must never lose sight of the power of God. As we seek and experience His presence and participation in our lives, it should renew our trust in Him to prepare and provide for us through our life journeys. Joseph knew he would rise to a powerful position based on his dreams, but he didn’t know the drawn-out and tortuous related journey. God reveals what He wants us to know and possibly what we can comprehend. It’s not necessarily God’s desire for us to know every part of either the process or the outcome. But we can be spiritually prepared. What does that mean? To ask God for faith, strength, wisdom, courage, direction, discernment, self-disciple and all that we need for our journey (and destination).

In the journey, we can develop and mature spiritually by drawing near to God for His provisions. And when we allow God to purge, prune, shape and mold us more into His image, He prepares us for the outcome…destination…and victory!

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Gail Meeks

Gail is a native of Sacramento, the youngest of three daughters born to Joseph and Ida Rogers. After graduating Kennedy High School, she went on to graduate from CSU Sacramento and St. Mary’s College, where she received her graduate degree in Leadership.

Gail enjoys teaching and public speaking, and is passionate about helping meet the needs of single mothers and their families in their community. She and her husband are the proud parents of four children and eight grandchildren.

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