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Study To Show Yourself…

This week’s message in 2 Timothy, the 3rd chapter, talked about people constantly learning but never coming into the full knowledge of what God wants them to know and how to live. How is that possible you might ask? Isn’t it easy to follow the directions Apostle Paul left for us […]

A God-Made Void

“We have a void in our souls, a spiritual void in our souls that cries out and really demands. It’s going to be filled with something.” – Pastor Mark Meeks But with what? This past Sunday we intentionally focused on 2 Timothy 2: 22-26. During the lesson, Pastor’s comment above […]

Without Faith,…

This week’s message hits at the core of the christian belief and life. How and why should you believe a God you can’t see? In a world of technology, hard facts and show me, it is the norm to wonder about things that can’t be literally proved, by touching, feeling, seeing or […]

Follow the Leader

Growing up at a time (5+ decades ago) and place (Bakersfield) there weren’t too many playtime options. Baseball was always first choice, but there weren’t always enough people to hit, pitch and field. One game I vividly recall playing with my friend (Aaron) from across the street was Follow the Leader. We shared the role of […]