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Gotta Serve Somebody

Bob Dylan’s popular song, ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’, says it all. During a time and culture of hippies, drugs and free sex this revolutionary title and song struck a cord. What wasn’t so strange, is that it wasn’t new. The bible has told us this from the very beginning of time. Dylan just penned […]

Time to Turn the Page

In looking at the scripture from Sunday’s sermon and thinking about the upcoming new year, a thought came to me: What is time to God? He is timeless. This made the sermon on Sunday come full circle for me. Isaiah 43:18 reads “But forget all that – it is nothing compared […]

Gas, Brake. Gas, Brake.

Today’s sermon rejuvenated my hope, rekindled my fire even. As a busy, working mom of three and wife to one (he-he), my world can get overwhelming at times. In an effort to maintain my sanity and some semblance of normalcy, I tend to stick with routines. Same meals. Same days […]

Do I know him?

What a good question! There are times when I think I have a complete understanding on who I’m dealing with when it comes to my faith. And then there are times I’m lost. Have you ever taken a quiz and thought “No worries, I got this?” Then, bam! Nope, your knowledge […]

How’d I get Here?

Honestly, I’m not sure how I came to be a part of City Church of Sacramento. It was a regular Sunday morning that I rolled over and sent a good morning text to my besti Diane, who’s a member there. She texted me back with “Get up! Come go to church!” […]

Called Out!

There is no greater joy than to be called out for Christ. Remember those occasions when someone asked you to pray for them. You thought to yourself, “I didn’t tell them I was a Christian.” Or the time when you found yourself in a strange place,  a place you knew […]

Light for All

John’s gospel was different from the gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew. John deals with the mystery of the deity of Jesus. Quite honestly I find it hard to read John unless I’m in complete silence. My professor said that he has taught the Gospel of John for over 20 years and still […]

Being a Witness for Christ

wit-ness (noun): a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident take place; evidence or proof; a person who is present at an event and can say that it happened. Witnesses play a critical role in the investigations of crimes or accidents. Recently, the spotlight has been on numerous violent incidents […]


Today’s lesson struck me like lightning on sand. It made crystal clear to me that being grateful does not mean taking your blessing and fleeing. It means going back and thanking or passing on your gratefulness. Luke 17:14 says, “…and as they went, they were cleansed.” Imagine walking to a […]