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Being a Witness for Christ

wit-ness (noun): a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident take place; evidence or proof; a person who is present at an event and can say that it happened.

Witnesses play a critical role in the investigations of crimes or accidents. Recently, the spotlight has been on numerous violent incidents in our nation’s communities with many asking “What happened?”

Who were the witnesses to these incidents? What exactly did they see? Many witnesses testimonies conflicted with others, causing complications during the investigations.

Many of these witnesses proximity to the incident had a lot to do with what they saw and heard. Witness testimony is only as good as the accuracy of the person seeing and testifying.

I have no idea about molecular biology and and how it works. For me to attempt to teach or be a witness to it would only result in confusion. I can only testify (accurately) about the things I know.

Why am I saying all this? I am glad you asked! We all are called to be a witness for Jesus Christ. John the Baptist was an eye witness of Jesus’ ministry here on earth. We must testify of what we’ve seen and experienced through the power of Christ. Our witness for Christ will only be as strong as our experiences with Him. Our testimony will be the result of knowing Jesus.

Do we only know him as Savior? Do we only call on him in time of need or a crisis? Or like John does our knowledge of him extend to Lord, Master, King, and Messiah?

John’s proximity to Jesus Christ determined his witness. The closer we get the better we will know Him. And the better we know Him the better witnesses we become.

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