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I am a writer, a poet. I peruse life like a storybook, a tale, where the ending is unknown but believed to be happily ever after. I am an attorney by trade. I am a singer, poet, and actress by desire and gift. I am a member of City Church of Sacramento and I am growing in grace and repentance. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and friend, all of which I am gratefully budding in.

Persecution Is Promised!

“Going through this race as a Christian is going to cost you.”  -Pastor Nathan Houston I’ve read the Bible. I still read it, thank God. And I always want to skip the verses about peace, joy, love, abundance, grace, and mercy. I don’t sit too often with letters such as the […]

A God-Made Void

“We have a void in our souls, a spiritual void in our souls that cries out and really demands. It’s going to be filled with something.” – Pastor Mark Meeks But with what? This past Sunday we intentionally focused on 2 Timothy 2: 22-26. During the lesson, Pastor’s comment above […]

Thank God for Grace!

  I think we’ve all heard this one: “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Although, the next one is new to me: “Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d never lose it.” Appreciation. Gratitude. “Thanks. Giving.” The latter was this Sunday’s title […]

Just Trash!

Will the real Jew with confidence, please stand up? Please stand up! Please stand up! I know this is probably old school music now, but this lyric resonated with me as I listened to the scripture and Sunday’s sermon. In Philippians 3: 1-8, Paul reminds the believers that circumcision of […]


A heart that cannot forgive is its own jailer. Growing up, you see things. You see people get hurt. You see people leave. You see people hurting others. You see pain. You experience pain. You experience joy too, but pain, you never forget, because you don’t want to experience it […]

Time to Turn the Page

In looking at the scripture from Sunday’s sermon and thinking about the upcoming new year, a thought came to me: What is time to God? He is timeless. This made the sermon on Sunday come full circle for me. Isaiah 43:18 reads “But forget all that – it is nothing compared […]

Broken Hearts

The question just sat on my heart after Sunday’s message. My honest answer was “no.” The question is so powerful and hits the nail on the head with Jonah and with me. Jonah wasn’t concerned about God’s agenda. What broke Jonah’s heart was a plant dying, not people dying spiritually and […]

Who Is the God I Serve?

He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. (Revelation 22:13) He is the creator of the universe. (Genesis 1) He longs to be gracious to me. (Isaiah 30:18) He numbers the hairs on my head. (Luke 12:7) This past Sunday, we began our second to last […]